Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photoshoot with the besties


 So stoked.

 Awkward pic haha

 My best friend!

 She gets sick of me sometimes. . . . .


She makes me laugh..

A little too much!

But I still love her.

Alexa loves me wayy too much!
The four sistas

Me and ky doing "The Alexa"

The best of friends!

Who's the better model?

Jumpin around like we always do


Peace out!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another video!

I know you all love videos.... so me and ash made one!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


ONE MORE DAY TIL HALLOWEEN!!! here's a Jib Jab video to celebrate! Click the link down below!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

We're too funny.



Creepy, right?

Its gotta be youuuuu!


Darbs and I doing what we do

I love them.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wayy Overdue

I know that I haven't posted in like what...a month or so? Thats mainly the reason why I have tons of pictures this post. I will go through them one by one!

Before the concert started!

Billy Currington concert!!!!!!

                               2nd concert Ive ever been to!

Okay so my friend Ashton asked me if I wanted to go to the state fair with her mom, cousin, and herself. Then she told me that Billy Currington was performing there and I got so stoked! (If you dont know who Billy Currington is then that sucks for you). So we get there and go straight to the concert. We sat there waiting for about 25 min. It was sooooo good!! On one of his songs he brought his dog out on stage with him! Another song he brought up a down syndrome girl from the audience up onto the stage and had her sing with him then gave her a kiss on the cheek at the end. Some of his songs are about drinking beer, and when those types came on all the people with beer cans would hold them up whenever he said beer in his song, haha it was really funny. He was so awesome and cute at the same time hahaa. At the end we got a keychain with him on it and his name on the back. It was a fun night at the State Fair 2012.

The fair!! I went up to Thatcher for October break and had a blast! I got a bracelet and could go on pretty much every ride! The fair was just one of the things we did while I was there. Here are some more..

Apple Annies!

Oh you know, just another day at Walmart ridin the Rover.

Decorating pumpkins at the park!

This cute girl is Sunni Clark. We love to sing.

She can be pretty crazy hahaa

My befor&after pics that Nicole took for her evit project! She did a great job!

MVT football game. This was a fun night.

I dont even wanna talk about his one...

We ate at El Charro and right after went and saw the movie The House at the end of the Street. I hate scary movies, but this one was soooooo good! Best scary movie ever!!


Fun night at a baby shower!


We are so cool

Zoyo pajama night!!

Nights at Sonic are pretty crazy


Missing this girl so much!!

Friday, August 31, 2012


I GOT AN INSTAGRAM. follow me at alliauwen.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Girls Camp 2012!

 This year at girls camp was so much fun. It was my last year :( This year as a 6th level was one of my favorites! The class me Olivia and Heidi taught was what to do when your lost. It was the best poster everrr. (Mainly just cause I made it) It was so much fun getting to see both my sister and my cousin! We watched the What Makes You Beautiful video of the Citrus Heights stake boys i dont know how many times!! Every times this kid named Robby came on the screen we would pause it and try to make it look like we were kissing him, hahaa it was pretty funny. Here is the video and some pictures.